Works with any AFM

ImAFM can be run on any AFM. The Multifrequency Lockin Amplifier (MLA) is connect to the AFM via a signal access module (SAM). Intemodulation products offers several different SAM's, or you can use the AFM manufacturers SAM. The host AFM is put in contact mode with feedback set point to zero volts. The MLA makes the error signal for the feedback controled by the host AFM. End-of-line (EOF) and end-of-frame (EOF) triggers are read by the MLA and the multiple amplitude and phase images are displayed, stored and anlayzed in the ImAFM software.

Read more about connecting to your AFM in the user manual.

Schematic diagram of the signal path for connecting to an AFM.


The AFM Software Suite contains the latest advances thermal noise calibration methods. The calibration is performed before scanning so all subsequent measurements are displayed in calibrated nanometers and nano Newtons. The software displays useful benchmarks that help you understand your measurement, for example the thermal noise force [N/Hz1/2] and the noise floor of the detector [nm/Hz1/2]. Recalibration is easily done at any time and the software keeps track of all calibrations. Calibration of both flexural and torsional resonance is implimented.

Read more about calibration in the user manual.

Screen shot of the calibration tab after calibration is run on flexural eigenmode.

Multiple Amplitude and Phase Images

With ImAFM you acquire multiple amplitude and phase images in one scan. The ImAFM Software Suite allows you to quickly flip through the images so you can easily see where the interesting contrast is and further investigate these areas with the pixel and line inspector tools.

Read more about image viewing in the user manual.

Construct Your Own Multifrequency Mode

Any type of multifrequency AFM can be easily implemented with the ImAFM Software Suite. You can measure harmonics, intermodulation products, while driving at any frequencies you want. The Drive Constructor has a Python scripting interface for full control of the MLA, to setup the frequency, amplitude and phase of all drive tones, and the frequency of all response tones.

Read more about the drive constructor in the user manual.

Screen shot of the Drive Constructor panel of in the ImAFM Software Suite:  Any multifrequency measurement scheme can be programed with a Python script.  Tuning functions help to correctly place the frequencies.  Configure Drive sends the calculated waveform to the cantilever shaker. Configure Response determines the drive needed to result in the cantilever oscillating with the calculated waveform.