Products Overview

Multifrequency Lockin-in Amplifier

  • Up to 40-frequency lock-in amplifier.
  • 4 input ports, 2 output ports.
  • Coherent signal synthesis and sampling.
  • Oscilloscope - arb. waveform generator pair.
  • Aux ports: 6 triggers, 4 analog out, digital I/O.
  • Powerful graphical software and Python API.

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AFM Software Suite

  • Software for using MLA and AFM.
  • Works with (almost) any host AFM.
  • One-click cantilever calibration.
  • Amplitude and phase imaging at all frequencies.
  • Design your own multifrequency AFM mode.
  • Approach-curves and stream recorder.
  • Open file format, Gwyddion compatible.

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ImAFM Nano-mechanical

  • Software package for real-time and off-line nanomechanical analysis.
  • Automized setup for ImAFM.
  • Point-and-click force curves.
  • Conservative and dissipative force analysis.
  • Dynamic force quadrature curves.
  • Map material properties with 3D visulaization.
  • Numerous force models, user defined models.  

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ImEFM Surface Potential

  • Software and hardware extension for imaging surface potential (contact potential difference).
  • Improved sensitivity over KPFM modes.
  • No potential feedback (open loop).
  • Measure surface potential at different DC bias.

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ImFFM Friction

  • Software for nanoscale frictional force imaging.
  • Calibration of torsional resonance
  • Dynamic force quadrature analysis of frictional forces.
  • Image high-speed friction, velocity up to several cm/sec.
  • High spatial resolution, ~10 nm.
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Breakout boxes

  • Signal access modules for connecting MLA to AFMs.
  • Low signal distortion.
  • Low noise pickup.
  • Numerous models for various AFMs.
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Amplifier boards

We provide a collection of amplifiers and pre-amps such a transimpedance amplifiers, instrument amplifiers and voltage amplifiers. Our amplifier boards can be mounted inside of the MLA enclosure for an integrated solution, or be used as a component in your measurement setup.

  • Single PCB board solutions
  • Typical frequency ranges: DC - 50 MHz.
  • On-board DC-DC conversion, single 5V power supply sufficient.
  • Mountable inside the Multifrequency Lock-in Amplifier

Example spec: Instrumentation amp, 18 nV/sqrt(Hz), Gain 1-10, DC-10 MHz, GOhm input impedance, Output: 37 mA, +-13 V.

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AFM scanning services

We offer scanning services on your samples.

  • Skilled operators, wide variety of AFM's.
  • Unique capabilities not available elsewhere.
  • Advice on sample preperation.
  • Expert knowledge to interpret your results.
  • Confidential report.
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