Upgrade your AFM

Almost any AFM can be upgraded to perform ImAFM measurements.  Even rather old systems give exceptional results (e.g. DI multimode or dimension, NS III controller). You do not need to invest in a new modern controller.

The Multifrequency Lockin (MLA) connects to your AFM as indicated in the figure.  You set your AFM to contact mode, with feedback setpoint to 0 Volts and scan rate given to you by the ImAFM software.   The Intermodulation Lockin calculates the error signal used by the host AFM's scanning feedback system.  The host AFM software is used to engage the sample and control the scanning feedback. 

The MLA has ethernet connection - either to the same computer as the AFM or to a different computer. The ImAFM software runs in parallel with the host AFM software. While scanning at normal speeds for dynamic AFM (typically 1 line/sec.), the intermodulation software acquires multiple amplitude and phase images that are displayed and analyzed in real time. 

See Installation Instructions in the User Manual.