IMP AFM software suite

Very easy to use with an intuitive work flow for:

  • Finding the resonance frequency.
  • Calibrating the cantilever and optical lever.
  • Visualization of the amplitude and phase images, syncrhonized with host AFM.
  • Real-time and off-line analysis of the data.
  • Auto-logging with user-added comments.

Advanced functionality includes:

  • Scripting for custom multifrequency measurement.
  • Hierarchical data tree with export options.

The software is well documented with convenient help icons everywhere.  Advanced users can write Python scripts for custom multifrequency measurement and data analysis.

See the ImAFM Software Suite User Manual.

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Calibrating the cantilever and detector is very simple.  Select your cantilever and click the Run Calibration button. The system measures the thermal fluctuations of the cantilever near resonance to determine the cantilever's dynamic response function and the optical lever responsivity.  The calibration, based on the noninvasive thermal noise method [1,2], is performed before scanning. All subsequent measurements are displayed in calibrated nanometers and nano Newtons.  The software displays useful benchmarks that help you understand  your measurement, for example the thermal noise force [N/Hz1/2] and noise floor of the detector [nm/Hz1/2]. Recalibration can be preformed at any time, and the software keeps track of all calibrations. 

Read more about calibration in the user manual.

[1] M.J. Higgins et al., Rev. Sci. Instrum., 77, 013701 (2006).

[2] J.E. Sader et al., Rev. Sci. Instrum., 70, 3967, (1999).

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