Force curve at every pixel

No more guessing the cause of image contrast - you can instantly see the tip-surface force over the entire range of cantilever oscillation - at every image pixel.   A simple point-and-click on an image with the Force Inspector Tool gets the data, analyzes it, and plots a force curve. 

You can fit a specific force model to your data (for example the Van der Waals - DMT model)  to find the parameters for that particular model - at every image pixel.  This analysis can be done on individual pixels in real time, or off line on entire images to create parameter maps.  All necessary raw data are stored in the scan file, so you can go back and re-analyze the same scan with different force models.

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Dynamic Force Quadratures

ImAFM offers a unique way to study tip-surface interaction with 'Dynamic Force Curves' - at every image pixel. The two dynamic force quadratures show the conservative force (in phase with the cantilever motion) and dissipative force (in phase with the cantilever velocity). They give the integrated force in every single oscillation cycle, as functions of the amplitude of oscillation. The force quadrature curves are generated from the measured intermodulation spectrum without any assumptions or use of a particular model.

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Parameter Maps

ImAFM is unprecedented for its ability to make high resolution physical property maps of your surface.  Stiffness, adhesive force, or any other force model parameter can be extracted at each pixel of the image and displayed as a color density plot.  This plot can also be projected on to a 3D rendering of the surface topography.   The ImAFM software suite comes with many common force models installed and ready for analysis.  You can also modify the software and write your own analysis routines using the powerful SciPy scientific tools for Python.  Parameter maps are generated by analysis of the stored spectral data, so different models can be compared.  The ImAFM software suite has a graphical user interface for easy generation of the surface property maps.

See details in the user manual

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